Making money online by writing seems a very convenient way to make some quick bucks. Most students across the globe or those stuck up in grueling jobs that don’t pay well are in need of these opportunities. But it’s not always as simple as it seems. After squandering lots of time and energy, writers with a flourish, give up finding ways to make money online by writing. Their talent and zeal that could have benefitted potential clients, hence lost.

The customers who needed services of these writers for creating content for their websites, newsletters and editors for their editing manuscripts have to make do with the low quality of work provided by those who lack the adequate skill. They are ready to pay large sums of money for good content that fulfills their requirements and limns the mastery of the writer. The demand does not get over at technical and academic writers. And it’s not just the fiction writers who enjoy fame and success. Each and every writer who can twist the rules of playing with words can get handsome incomes and rewards. Editors, copywriters, creative writers, all genres of writers find appropriate work.

What does a writer expect to earn? There is a vast range of pay scale for writers. Beginning anything from a few cents per hour it can go up to hundreds of dollars per hour or per piece of content. That is big! The major rate limiting step, though clichéd, is still the same. Finding gigs that pay well and adequately for the time and skill that you spend on a project. There are many ways to make money online by writing. Some are conventional while others unconventional.

For beginners smaller and niche focused job board websites prove to be great places to go on searching sprees for freelancing, part time or full time writing jobs. Finding well paying jobs, associated to your areas of interest is definitely a bonus.

At you can easily find such jobs that help you to make money online by writing. There are different clients with different requirements. Academic writing, content writing, web content writing, editing, copywriting and many more exciting offers can be found easily here. Moreover, the fields and topics are so kaleidoscopic that you can easily get a job that you are good at. It covers topics from IT and health care to creative writing and blog writing with everything in between. You can bid on projects that pique your interest. You can even suggest your working prices based on your expertise. Through your proposal, you can give a brief outline of your cover letter detailing why you can do better at that particular project. Easy process coupled with complete transparency and well paying jobs make it a great site for beginners and veterans alike.


How to find Freelance Writing Jobs

It is true that you can make more than $100 every hour with freelance writing jobs, it must be noted that there is nothing amiss with beginning at a lower level. Try not to be threatened into believing that you ought to be going for bonanza jobs.

The truth of the matter is, you just can’t win $100 every hour jobs as an amateur freelance author in the beginning. You have to develop your ability set and the valuable portfolio. Nothing can be wrong with tackling a $20 every hour task and don’t give anybody a chance to let you know generally. On the off chance that you landed on a couple of customary customers who are willing to pay you $20 every hour, for eight hours each day, you’d be procuring more than $40,000 per annum easily — and that is remarkable, indeed. For many, it may not be their livelihood, but rather it can be the origin point of great career.


Furthermore, there are different advantages to beginning unassumingly:

  • You can mass out your personal portfolio
  • A wonderful chance to associate
  • Expand introduction to your online journal, in the event that you have a by-line.
  • It is great practice!

What’s more, recall that: you can simply request a hike after you have successfully demonstrated yourself. On the off chance that a customer is not willing to expand your pay, you can simply leave – on great terms, obviously – Working on a rate that you think is beneath what you deserve does not need to be perpetual.

Maintain a strategic distance from Content Farms


Give me a chance to get something straight: when it is said that you ought to be prepared to begin on unobtrusive pay, it is not recommended that you sweat on supposed content ranches, (for example, contentmart, Demand Studios, and others. An incredible inverse actually. There is no reason that a sensibly capable author can’t work on something genuine; something remunerating; something that you will have the capacity to show in your portfolio with great admiration.

You should be looking for some kind of employment where you will be esteemed — with the ability to encourage your abilities and associations. One must truly avoid working on these content mills. It is simply a bit much.

What to Look for:


  • Something that you find interesting
  • Trustworthy locales/organizations
  • Customers experienced with journalists some time recently
  • Changeless/semi lasting freelance online writing jobs
  • Hourly or fixed price rate

What to Avoid:

  • Individuals requesting free trials — on the off chance that they are not kidding about discovering somebody, they’ll offer trials that are paid
  • “The rates are not great, yet… “
  • Motivation based pay
  • Non-existent/private destinations
  • Article generating websites, or content mills

Freelance Writing: Pros and Cons

There are more graduates than any other time in recent memory, entering an inexorably reduced employment market. Despite the fact that for some, outsourcing is synonymous with living in a comfortable night robe and cheering about the fact that you’re not stuck in a tiresome 9-5 work, this wears off pretty quickly, for the most part around rent day. In any case, for those with a style for the written word, freelance writing can be beneficial.

Everybody’s way to getting freelance writing Jobs work is distinctive. However the length of it prompts cash in the bank, they’re all pretty much as suitable. At the point when beginning, numerous individuals swing to sites, for example, Freelancer or oDesk where you can offer for work. These can be awesome for building background and a portfolio while getting paid for it. Only ensure the businesses are checked to abstain from getting into a circumstance where you’ve invested hours in work for them just to take all the work and vanish.

So, to simplify things for you, let’s look at the pros and cons of freelance writing.

The Pros of Freelance Writing

The positives of outsourcing as a graduate are significant in number. It’s inconceivably fulfilling to be working for yourself and having the obligation of deciding your particular workload. Bringing home the bacon doing what you adore is gigantically compensating, and obviously, it’s to a significant degree adaptable work. New graduates are for the most part used to working uncommon hours because of caffeinated beverages all day, every day. Along these lines, in case you’re most open to working late around evening time or at the weekend, then outsourcing might be the approach. Contingent upon the amount of work you figure out how to get, which can fluctuate uncontrollably, particularly when you’re simply beginning, it likewise leaves open the likelihood of working in something which may pay you a steadier compensation.

The Cons of Freelance Writing

It is not unfaltering, and it is not a cash creator. Graduate essayists are famous for continually working for nothing, and this is on account of there are such a variety of individuals willing to do it that organizations just pick not to pay. This is regularly wrapped up as an impressive open door, yet it’s essential to be astute about what’s a chance to get some incredible experience, and what’s an open door for them to complete some work for nothing. Sites and magazines which don’t make a benefit yet have a wide crowd are typically advantageous writing for, as you’re liable to get a greater presentation for your piece than all alone blog or online stage. Be that as it may, any business production worth its salt ought to be paying expert authors, much the same as they pay their fashioners, printers, and distributors.

Freelance Content Writers: Four Success Tips

It takes diligent work. However, it’s justified regardless of the exertion. What’s more, in the event that it appears like an outlandish errand, there are some solid things you can do today that will get you making a course for development.

Each content writers can show signs of improvement, and no writer is great. I think I’ve become hugely as a writer in the course of the last couple of decades, however it has been an agonizing adventure. Give me a chance to share some of what I’ve realized.

Regardless of what level of writer you are, there ought to be a recommendation or twelve here that will offer assistance.

  1. Try reading extraordinary writers. This may sound self-evident, yet it must be said. This is the spot to begin. On the off chance that you don’t read awesome writing, you won’t know how to do it. Everybody begins by gaining from the experts, by copying them, and afterward through them, you locate your own voice. Perused a great deal. However much as could reasonably be expected. Give careful consideration to style and mechanics notwithstanding content.
  2. Write a considerable measure. Attempt to write each day, or numerous times each day if conceivable. The more you write, the better you’ll get. Writing is an ability, and like some other expertise, you need to practice it to show signs of improvement. Write stuff for yourself, write for a web journal, write for different productions. Write just to write, and have a fabulous time doing it. It gets less demanding after for a little while in the event that you rehearse a ton.
  3. Write down thoughts, constantly. Keep a little scratch pad convenient (Nabokov bore list cards) and write down thoughts for stories or articles writers or books or characters. Write down pieces of discussion that you listen. Write down plot turns and visual subtle elements and parts of tune verses or ballads that move you. Having these thoughts recorded aides, since they can rouse you or really go straightforwardly into your writing. I get a kick out of the chance to keep a rundown of post thoughts for my web journal, and I consistently add to it.
  4. Make a writing custom. Locate a specific time of day when you can write without intrusions, and make it a schedule. For me, mornings work best, yet others may discover lunch or nights or midnight hours the best. Whatever works for you, make it an unquestionable requirement do thing each and every day. Write for no less than 30 minutes, however a hour is surprisingly better. In case you’re a full-time writer, you’ll have to write for a few hours a day, as I do. Be that as it may, don’t stress! It helps you show signs of improvement.