Are you looking to be a writer with an interesting and challenging job? Wondering where you can find a wide range of topics to write about? It’s time to look for opportunities to write for a marketing organization. The projects or tasks assigned will be unique and challenging every day, this will add value to your experience and also gives a lot of input. Apart from sticking to monotonous work, being able to work differently with different customers can be considered as luck for those who love change. You will find it interesting, thrilling and healthy challenging once you have the knowledge about products, process, the positioning of the brand or business that you are recruited for.


Even though experience will help a lot, even the most experienced writer might pose a challenge with the new style of contents. Creating interactive content is not possible with certain set-off rules. It is totally dependent on the reader’s need and writer’s style. It is up to the article writer to decide how to start and where to pause in the content. There are however few organizations that help writers with tips for interactive article writing:

Article should be bite-sized and brief:

There is no doubt; quality should be given importance than the quantity of the article. In an interactive style, content quality means a lot more than right words, no grammatically and spelling errors. The tone, personalization and impression created will add value. Being narrative with facts and figures and involving readers into the content is the key. Include action plans and ideas that readers can explore post reading your content. Tailor the article as per the needs of customers and create it with familiar and simple words. Interactive content writing is more about engagement and sharing.


Leverage examples to explain points:

Apart from sharing information and setting the right tones, it is essential to add examples and back up the writing with experience. This will give a personal connect to the reader and they will be able to relate to the content easily. The message should be toned such a way that it is directed to one person at a time. Apart from connecting with reader, examples will help in substantiating the points. Using animated GIF, images and videos for sharing example is the best way for those clients who prefer to have it in the article.

No matter how experienced you are, creating interactive contents will be a whole different experience. It is one of the most used styles of online writing for eBooks and blogs. These tips will assist you in reframing the thinking towards interactive contents and will enable to deliver really beautiful, powerful and engaging stories. The bottom line to all these are dedication and ready to accept change.


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