Writing a ‘Plagiarism Free’ article is the first requirement of any Content Writing Jobs. True, that nobody would love to pay you for work that does not belong to you. To own an awesome chunk of completely authentic work, the rule of the game is that you need to ‘research’ a lot.

Content Writing Tools

Don’t shy away from giving your time to find out the following details of the subject:

  • What is the subject matter?
  • Who are the readers that it targets?
  • Why do you need to write this content?
  • What are the legitimate sources of the subject?
  • Where can you use this information?

Every day nearly 90,000 articles are written online. Most of it is a work of rephrasing the same junk information which is circulated multiple times. To prevent entering into the league of obscure and loquacious writing, practice and practice as much as you can.

Practice blog writing and article writing daily for at least an hour. It’ll abreast you with a rich vocabulary and the instincts of writing expressive article. Read voraciously anything and everything you come across, to cultivate a spontaneous response.

Content Writing Online

After having mastered the act of framing your thoughts and organizing them in a proper fashion, write them down.

  • Use quotes from some popular figures; it’ll add a subtle hue of originality with a tinge of inspiration in the matter.
  • Use conversational style of writing and be empathetic.
  • Use a narrative style as if you are elucidating a story.
  • Use crafty magnetic headlines: as people rarely have time to read a full length article, a catchy headline can grab their attention.

While writing, some tools can be used to make it look appealing.

  • Search Engine Optimization techniques: – stuffing some standard keywords words can do wonders in attracting viewers. Google, Yahoo and other search engines keep updating their searching algorithms, so you have to keep your content updated from time to time.
  • HTML and CSS: – If you are unaware of these terms, no need to panic. Only a basic knowledge in their application is required. These web based languages make your web pages look attractive.
  • WordPress: – It is a free and open-source Content Management System that supplements some readymade layouts with varying levels of automation.
  • Use images and graphical effects to enhance your work: – pictures convey message in a better and convenient manner than the text. Use only a few lines to describe the subject and then let the graphics do the rest.

Writing original content is an art. It comes naturally when you are happy. So think optimistically to pen down an awesome original content.


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