It is true that you can make more than $100 every hour with freelance writing jobs, it must be noted that there is nothing amiss with beginning at a lower level. Try not to be threatened into believing that you ought to be going for bonanza jobs.

The truth of the matter is, you just can’t win $100 every hour jobs as an amateur freelance author in the beginning. You have to develop your ability set and the valuable portfolio. Nothing can be wrong with tackling a $20 every hour task and don’t give anybody a chance to let you know generally. On the off chance that you landed on a couple of customary customers who are willing to pay you $20 every hour, for eight hours each day, you’d be procuring more than $40,000 per annum easily — and that is remarkable, indeed. For many, it may not be their livelihood, but rather it can be the origin point of great career.


Furthermore, there are different advantages to beginning unassumingly:

  • You can mass out your personal portfolio
  • A wonderful chance to associate
  • Expand introduction to your online journal, in the event that you have a by-line.
  • It is great practice!

What’s more, recall that: you can simply request a hike after you have successfully demonstrated yourself. On the off chance that a customer is not willing to expand your pay, you can simply leave – on great terms, obviously – Working on a rate that you think is beneath what you deserve does not need to be perpetual.

Maintain a strategic distance from Content Farms


Give me a chance to get something straight: when it is said that you ought to be prepared to begin on unobtrusive pay, it is not recommended that you sweat on supposed content ranches, (for example, contentmart, Demand Studios, and others. An incredible inverse actually. There is no reason that a sensibly capable author can’t work on something genuine; something remunerating; something that you will have the capacity to show in your portfolio with great admiration.

You should be looking for some kind of employment where you will be esteemed — with the ability to encourage your abilities and associations. One must truly avoid working on these content mills. It is simply a bit much.

What to Look for:


  • Something that you find interesting
  • Trustworthy locales/organizations
  • Customers experienced with journalists some time recently
  • Changeless/semi lasting freelance online writing jobs
  • Hourly or fixed price rate

What to Avoid:

  • Individuals requesting free trials — on the off chance that they are not kidding about discovering somebody, they’ll offer trials that are paid
  • “The rates are not great, yet… “
  • Motivation based pay
  • Non-existent/private destinations
  • Article generating websites, or content mills

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